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2 Jun

Brain Jail

First of all I hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend, that it was relaxing and safe for everyone who owns a grill and an ice chest. And while we didn’t exactly get the chance to put either of these utensils to use, rest assured that our weekend was interesting and productive.
Lets start off with saturday, performing on the street in front of SLOW clothing store and the Vizzi Truck on Melrose Avenue. A special thanks to Melissa of Stop & Listen LA for setting everything up. We did run into couple of slight snags in the form of noise complaints during soundcheck. Nothing too major, though. And definately nothing that can’t be fixed, apparently by moving the piano about 4 feet in one direction. But seriously, who moves to Hollywood expecting peace and quiet? I know just the place for these people. Its got great scenery, a similarly moderate climate, more parking, and ofcourse, less noise. Its called Outside of LA. We were, however, fortunate enough to have a surprise cameo performance (that we didnt even know about) by a sweet old lady blowing bubbles onto our instruments as we attempted to play through our confusion. Overall we had a lot of fun and made a few new friends there and just may possibly play around those parts again, hopefully in the near future.
No sooner than we were off the street had we temporarily retired to watch Kobe rain on the parade that is the Steve Nash foundation with an onslaught of three’s, facing a vast variety of defensive challenges on the part of the Phoenix Suns. What a performance! Another special thanks to Melissa’s Dad for the San Miguel and the wonderful hospitality.
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28 May

I’m staying in for the evening and it feels really….nice.  I have been running around like crazy mobilizing, flyering, recruiting, and making connections.   It’s been a blessing that so many cool things are coming my way.  I didn’t really expect it…I didn’t really know what to expect.  We have an amazing line up of artists who are all ready to take it to the streets!  Stop & Listen LA will be playing with a lot of really cool trucks including El Chato on La Brea & Olympic and one of the latest to hit the streets….the World Fare BusTaurant.

This project has essentially forced me to get out of my shell and start talking to people about my beliefs and about my vision.  And that to me was honestly, frightening….and at times, still is… I wasn’t sure what types of strange looks or blow offs I’d be met with…but I’m happy to say it has turned out to be much better than expected.  With all the positive vibes, I’ve definitely felt a boost in my confidence and a stronger drive to keep moving forward with this.

I’m still trying to figure out how to sustain this project, this cause, and this love.  And I’m still not quite certain how that will be done.  I am,however, wanting to plan the first Stop & Listen LA Fundraiser.  Music, Community, Education, & Food Trucks Galore!

Till then….we’ll all just keep singing.

❤ M

Stop & Listen LA Video Series: Ray Argyle in Silverlake

24 May

Keep Playin’ Folks <3

23 May

Ray Argyle performed at Tacos Arizas!

7 May

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Stop & Listen LA, as interpreted by an 11-year-old.

6 May

Stop & Listen LA @ Leo’s Taco Truck

28 Apr

Flavia @ Taco Tuesdays 🙂    I ❤ Leo!