Amaras Z. – Secretary

Amaras received a degree in Economics from UC Berkeley in 2008 and is currently attending law school at the University of Southern California.  She likes Korean BBQ, Anthony Bourdain, and philosophical non fiction a little too much.

Derik Sam K. – Chief Financial Officer

Model/Musician Sam was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles.  He is a multi-instrumentalist, aspiring crooner, and semi-pro basketball player with an Economics degree & Music minor from New York University.  He enjoys running in the rain and working out his pectorals.

Melissa Flavia – Founder/President

Melissa Flavia is the founder of Stop & Listen LA.  She likes Edith Piaf, garage sales, the metro & hanging out with her grandma.  After graduating from UCLA in 2009  she began singing @ a taco truck to sustain her music practice and eat as many tacos as she could along the way.  What first began as a personal social experiment brought upon the  emergence of Stop & Listen LA.

Michael Ngim – Photographer

Michael moved to LA 3 years ago from the east coast with no expectations of what this city had to offer.  He stumbled into photography by taking photos of anything and anyone he could from an earlier age, but truly started crafting his art more recently due to the people he was meeting.  Be it street performance or food photography he really enjoys capturing that image that jumps out to the viewer and leaves them attached to it.


Nisa K. – Graphic Designer

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